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Product Name Recycled Plastic by Yemm and Hart
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We are happy to announce that we are now offering 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic fabricated by Yemm & Hart, who have been in business since 1981. Its business headquarters are located in the northeastern section of the Mark Twain National Forest in Madison County Missouri. The business owners are Stephen W and Deborah Hart Yemm. The product, called Origins, is the trade name of the product, which are made from milk jugs and detergent bottles and are available in 53 colors & patterns. Typically used for counter-tops , restroom and shower partitions, vanity work surfaces and table tops in businesses and institutional settings, we are able to incorporate the plastic with our steel to create anything under the sun. Imagination is the only limitation. Thus, the possibilities are endless. We will be using 1” thick recycled plastic, which is much more strong,stout, durable, and heavy than you ever imagined plastic to be. 

Below is information provided by Yemm and Hart:
“Unlike plastic laminate products whose printed patterns are repeated, the randomness of this material’s color at the surface is real and unique. The penetration of colors all the way through the material offer design and fabrication advantages. It is a completely safe, non-toxic material that causes no harm to the environment during its manufacture or use and it helps to minimize waste.


The creation of Origins is an involved process. Plastic bottles must be collected, sorted by color and shredded into pieces about the size of oatmeal. The flakes must be washed in hot water to remove contaminates such as soap, milk and paper labels and then thoroughly dried. By isolating the individual colors during the feed stock preparation process, a wide variety of color pattern customization is possible.

Individual colors of flakes are carefully blended into specific color formulas. A measured amount of the blend is spread into a mold, which is positioned in an oven and heated until the plastic becomes molten. Pressure is then applied and this causes the randomly distributed colors of flakes or pellets to move in fascinating ways, as they permanently bond together. Conversely, the processes of injection molding and extrusion are unable to match this technique because their process homogenizes the color of the molten plastic.

One of the best things about Origins is that it offers an aesthetic response to recycling that is not dull and dutiful but rather colorful, joyous and in many ways, superior to its competitors. Given that most plastic items are only one color, this material has a future in many as yet untapped applications. Origins is a serious decorative material made from recycled plastic. By making a recycled material look and feel desirable, the material takes a step forward, changing the use of recycled materials from a cause to a common place.

Origins panels are made by compression molding PE particles in the form of flakes or pellets, which can be different colors or sizes. When various colors are blended together and compression molded, the result is a unique pattern that goes all the way through the panel” (Yemm & Hart)

PK Steel is very excited about the opportunities this relationship creates for our customers and fans! We have worked with this material and it is stunning. Adding the fact the steel is recycled in the US more than paper, plastic, aluminum and glass combined (Steel Recycling Institute), this is indeed the definition of Green as we know it.

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