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Thank you for visiting our site. As you will notice, items on our website are not priced. This is due to a number of factors. For example, sometimes we make a steel base for an item in conjunction with other materials for a custom design that is ultimately part of something we simply played a role in. Prices will vary based on a number of factors such as dimensions, design, and material chosen for each piece. We pride ourselves in being a custom steel furnishings company. We strive to produce pieces that fit your desires and needs. We are proud of the range in price, design, and aesthetic of what we are able to offer. We apologize that we do not have individual prices for every piece and we sincerely appreciate your flexibility. We invite you to call or email us with any questions or concerns.


  Benefits of PK Steel Furniture  

Virtually Indestructible: The furniture made by PK Steel Designs is made with strong 11-gauge steel tubing, we don't use the wimpy stuff. Additionally, 40years of welding experience ensures strong joints with adequate fusion and penetration at the weld with no bubbles, holes or other inconsistencies. All exposed joints are sanded smooth leaving a look that is so uniform it is hard to tell where we welded.

Long Lasting: Over many years and moves our furniture will not weaken at the joints, as can occur with wood furniture. There is no assembly required. This means nothing to weaken on any of our pieces.

Steel is Green: Steel is North America's Number #1 Recycled Material. Each year, more steel is recycled than aluminum, paper, glass and plastic combined! Scrap has become the steel industry's single largest source of raw material because it is economically advantageous to recycle old steel into new steel. In light of this, steelmaking furnaces have been designed to consume steel scrap. In fact, in the past 50 years, approximately 50 percent of the steel produced in this country has been recycled through the steelmaking process. Thanks to the steel industry's impressive history of recycling, a wide variety of collection programs exist to recycle steel products. All of these programs tap into the steel recycling infrastructure, a well-established network of more than 2,000 ferrous scrap processors and more than 70 end markets. This steel recycling infrastructure, which has grown and matured over the years in its efforts to meet the steel industry's demand for steel scrap, is the reason today's steel recycling efforts actually supersede those of the past. Source: The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI)

Powder Coating is Green: PK Steel Designs uses powder coating for all COLORS. The use of powder coatings in industrial applications produces the least environmental pollution of any of the current coatings technologies. Powder coatings have near-zero VOC content (0.5 to 5 % by weight). In contrast, liquid paints contain as much as 60 % solvent, which evaporates during painting. Overspray from powder painting operations can be recovered and reused. In contrast, overspray from liquid painting operations is discarded as waste and may be classified as hazardous waste. A comparison of uncontrolled VOC emissions from various paint formulations yielded the following results: Conventional solvent (67 % VOC), 38 tons/year; Water-borne (16 % VOC), 26 tons/year; higher-solids (40 % VOC), 31 tons/year; powder coating (1 % VOC), 0.6 tons/year. Switching to a powder coating system typically results in approximately 98 % reduction in uncontrolled VOC emissions, compared to liquid painting systems. Overspray from powder coatings can be recovered and resprayed, raising the powder utilization to almost 100 %. In contrast, overspray from liquid paints is lost as waste. Appropriate pretreatment may require wastewater systems that treat sludge from different solutions used during the processes. 

Source: The Coatings GuideTM

  Design Your Own  

You design it. We’ll make it.

Contact us with your design ideas. Let us know the look and dimensions you have in mind and we will custom build it for you.

Custom pricing varies based on complexity. Please ask for an estimate.

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