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  Postcard Playground Display Table   
  Postcard Playground Table
Postcard Playground Table close-upPostcard Playground Table glass shelfPostcard Playground Display Table - recycled plastic shelf
Product Name Postcard Playground Table
Dimensions 34" H x 36" W x 12" D
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White Oak Top with Black Steel Base - Coffee Table
pk steel White Oak Top with Black Steel Base - Coffee TableWhite Oak Top with Black Steel Base - Coffee TableWhite Oak Top with Black Steel Base - Coffee Table
Product Name Coffee Table with White Oak Top and Flat Black Steel Base
Dimensions 15" H x 50" W x 30" D
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Stainless Dry Bar (counter-top + shelf with glass rack)

Product Name

Stainless Bar Shelf with glass rack (wall-mounted)

Stainless Counter-top

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Half-circle Stainless Night Stands
Product Name Half-Circle Night Stand
Price Please contact us.
Dimensions 24" H x 20" W x 10" D
Stainless Flat Panel TV Stand
Product Name Stainless "un-wall" mount flat panel TV stand
Price Please contact us.
Description This stand provides a way to use a TV wall mount without the hassle and mess of drilling holes in your wall. Components (stereo, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.) stack on bottom shelf / base. A gap at the bottom allows for feeding cords back to the wall, all hidden behind the sheet steel panel. The TV cord is also hidden behind the stainless sheet steel.
Stainless Backsplash
Product Name Custom Backsplash (Stainless sheet)
Price Please contact us.
Kitchen island + countertop bases
Product Name Complete Kitchen Base Set
Price Please contact us.
Spider Table
Product Name Spider Table
Price Please contact us.
Custom Canopy for Couch / Bed

Product Name Cutom Canopy
Price Please contact us.
Outdoor Barstools

Product Name Single-post Barstool (outdoor)
Price Please contact us.
Description Our Single-post barstools custom made for outdoors with two clear coats over a durable professional auto-body finish. Tabs were added at the inside corners for ground fastening. A local upholstery shop provided the seat tops. We feel these stools make a nice addition to the outdoor kitchen pictured above.
Product Name Handrail (four step)
Price Please contact us.
Description A stained glass pattern in the front door of this house served as the heart for this handrail design. The posts that come down to each step from the bottom bar have a section of sheet steel that rests flat on the steps. This handrail mounts to the wall and on two of the four steps. The outside frame uses 1 1/2 inch sqaure steel tubing and the inside pattern uses 1/2 square steel tubing.
Door Pulls (wood faced refrigerator)

Product Name "C" Door Pulls (on wood panel refrigerator doors)
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Description These "C" shaped pulls were cut from sheet steel. Each "C" had three round tubes welded on the back for mounting (capped and threaded). The finish was achieved by leaving most of the dark finish from the material, then sanding the edges smooth. A slight copper patina was applied, followed by a few clear coats.
Bike Rack

Product Name Red Bike Rack
Price Please contact us.
Description This bike rack was our second installment (after the bench pictured) at the Coffee Girls Filling Station 2980 Mcgee Tfwy, Kansas City, MO. A red powdercoat followed by an additional clear coat (for extra protection) was applied to the sturdy steel frame, featuring 1/4" thick square tubing.
Award Pedestal

Product Name Award Pedestal - Cone Design with marble top
Price Please contact us.
Description This pedestal displays the award for the H&R Block franchisee of the year. It is located in the lobby of the H&R Block headquarters in downtown Kansas City, MO. The circle for the top and the circle on the floor are the same size. The side panels start wide and close together at the base and move apart as they narrow near the top circle.
Bench with cedar top
Product Name Sidestep Bench
Price Please contact us.
Description This bench incorporates a high quality section of reclaimed American cedar. Treated only with wax, the wood finish is all natural. The steel base design is inspired by the way a pair of legs may look when stepping side to side.
Outdoor Bar

Product Name Outdoor Bar with granite top
Price Please contact us.
Description This bar features eight support arms for the top, towel bars, aluminum shelf and adjustable feet. The shelf has a punched hole pattern in the middle to allow any water to drain.
Console Table

Product Name Cross-Country Console Table (reclaimed walnut top with bark)
Price Please contact us.
Description This table has a minimalist base design that shows off the strength of steel tubing. The walnut top has been sanded smooth and treated only with natural wax and food safe mineral oil. The backside of the wood is flat and flush along the base while the front side shows the original curves of the tree.
L Desk (one piece)
Product Name L Desk (one piece)
Price Please contact us.
Description A simple L design office desk with an additional diagonal bar added. The glass on top is 1/4" thick.

Product Name PK Easel (table top display)
Price Please contact us.
Description The dark (oil-coated) steel is shown as it looks before sanding (top left picture); the other pictures show the sanded steel for a clean shiny finish (with a clear-coat). This custom easel is the perfect way to display your favorite work. Pick your dimensions to display that special piece. This tabletop easel could be made into a taller, freestanding easel for displaying larger works.
Waiting Room Table
Product Name The Waiting Room
Price Please contact us.
Description This table, made for the Smile Salon ( dental spa in the Plaza district of Kansas City, serves as a central piece for the waiting room. Magazines are placed on the table for display.
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